Special stories and the love for strangers keep us engaged: also in love, undoubtedly. From 8 individual stars and their in-house passion talks, we took this leap to cover an abode that thrives on love. The idea was to grow in terms of what we are covering, and therefore, this sweet, lively cafe in the heart of Sarjapur, Bangalore, felt the right fit. The owners got a swag, their child is a Diva and you can tell they are running the cafe to live the love: Zoey's! We bumped into the place at one of our storytelling sessions which was being hosted here. And we grew so fond of the place that there was no turning back. Farheen & Amiya affirm our belief in love and perseverance. She's a killer biker and he loves to crib about how after three different marriages, his wife still prefers to call him a friend. When they met for the first time in college, they were too different with both their watches being exactly 7 minutes ahead of time. Her coming from a Muslim household and being so driven towards hosting people and cooking won his heart. There's a Hindu and a Muslim in this couple, they married once in a Christian style too, their love story transcends religion because their souls are tagged as "kind" and their big hearts belief in dreams. We are now live with story 9 for Zaikaana titled "All because two people fell in love." You should watch it now! Go confess to the ones you love if you haven't already, tell them you will love them unconditional if they're around, seek it if you feel the shortage of it and stay a dreamer! Big things happen when our eyes are not resting and the hearts ready to share our selves with the ones we feel right! Happy loving: It is indeed our time to love! ❤

Mutton keema burger:

Mutton keema burger

500 GMs of minced mutton keema
finely chopped onions (5 big) 4 green chillies, bunch of mint leaves
Bunch of coriander leaves
200 ml oil
garam masala powder
Red chilli powder
Turmeric powder
Dhaniya powder
cinnamon stick
Kali Mirch
Paneer makhni by Monalisa Chaudhari Zaikaana

1. Take a pressure cooker, put 500 GMs of minced mutton keema along with finely chopped onions (5 big), 4 green chillies, bunch of mint leaves , bunch of coriander leaves , 200 ml oil , garam masala powder , zeera, red chilli powder , turmeric powder , dhaniya powder , salt , cinnamon stick , Kali Mirch , Laung , Mix well together.Do not add water. Give three -four whistles
2. Keema leaves water by itself.
3. Simmer for ten mins.
4. Once the cooker has cooled, fry(bhuno) the mutton for half an hour on low flame.
5. Cut the bun in two halves Put green chutney on one half and mayo on the either .. set lettuce leaf and onion ring - sprinkle chaat masala on it.
6. Put the keema filling in the bun.
And your mutton keema burger is ready. The Indian style burger!
Tips: You need to put good amount of chopped coriander leaves.You have to bhuno till keema leaves oil on side.
Roopak biryani masala, use it to see the magic of masala in keema.
Happy Eating! ☺

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