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The man who served as a personal butler to George W. Bush- yes, him.
We met him, and this is his story. While it might appear to be THE highlight of the video, there’s a laundry list to mesmerize really.
A young Anglo-Indian boy named Roger accompanied his uncle to the then famous Sampoorna Hotel in Hyderabad to utilize his vacations and served as a bell boy. Little did he know this would end up driving his passion. He went on to complete his Hotel Management degree from IHM Hyderabad (1985-88) and joined the Front office at The Oberoi in 1991.
Later after serving at Dubai Hilton, he transitioned to the F&B services because his heart loved engaging with people and their stories more.
After taking care of the Royal Meridian Baharain which was owned by the Prime Minister, he blossomed further as the Restaurant Manager in Ritz Carlton. And the list of accomplishments just continued to grow- he started restaurants and became the Food & Beverage director for Ritz Carlton. His giant experience with the food & hotel industry bring the shine in his eyes when he’s tasting dishes or experimenting with food.
Italian is his favorite cuisine and when he decided to bring and savor those portions of Italy to India & Bengaluru in particular, nobody knew he’d later have a story to always cherish.
His passion for food and people could be seen not just in his restaurants but also the people who join him in this journey- one of the partners you get to see in the video is Meghna who’s a trained Hindustani Classical musician, a national level swimmer with a course in Art Appreciation from San Francisco school of Art.
She’s the culture to Roger’s art, the eye to his soul- Via Milano proudly exhibits some of the artwork by the fresh, raw talent. Together, as a team, these friends are engaging towards a happier, fulfilling world surrounded with dreams- you feel validated and appreciated so much so that you’d want to go back and feel the need to do your bit!
We are overwhelmed with our experience- here’s the complete story for you to indulge in!

Italian Grilled Chicken

Italian Grilled Chicken:

Serves - 2 Preparation time - 45 mins
Cooking time - 30 mins
1. Chicken breast - 250 gms
2. Mustard
3. Chilli
4. Black pepper
5. Oregano
6. Balsamic Vinegar
Grilled chicken Via milano Zaikaana

1. Marinate in all Italian herbes, mustard, oregono, black pepper a little bit of chilli and balsamic vinegar.
2. Grill on a pan for 20-25 mins.
Happy Eating! ☺

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