Shalini Bose

Quarantine & Sustainability didn't play on our minds to detail until we met this environment lover: Episode 16 is special for so many reasons. First things first: we wanted to experiment by covering a full episode from home(end-to-end) after the lockdown began. That meant long scripts, bigger conversations across both ends to explain what shots we needed the feature to shoot herself and share and what portions we would cover in an online chat. Another big challenge was to keep the human element alive in the episode and not forget to add the flavours which keep the video lively & fresh. So we attempted differently & this video is a product of it. Our feature no. 16 is a rockstar: she does home composting, has her house decorated with discarded objects converted into pieces of art and holds a very special connection with food. Shalini Bose & her journey of making the most of the quarantine with nature love & a big heart: all yours to watch now! We chose today to be releasing this episode as over our virtual mehfil we hosted this evening, we included a trailer of this episode. We are proud to have attempted creating & curating this episode over a really long period of time. And we hope you relate to the WHY of it after a watch!

Kuli Paniyaram

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