Maya's Pottery

Slow. Forgiving. Accepting. We got three words and we got a brand, new episode- the first one for 2021. Too many reasons we love this story and the timing of it! To begin with, the story aims to show each of our connections to ourselves no matter what medium we choose. It asks you to make your choices dipped in self-love and care. Out of 136+ crore Indian population, what are the odds of bumping into someone with a name we absolutely adore? That’s not fair, we are in love with the name- MAYA. We lucked out another time with Zaikaana as we feature another Maya, a second time. Maya is a beautiful soul and she loves clay. Maya is a teacher with her own pottery/ceramic school in India. She teaches at Lahe Lahe, Bengaluru. Meeting her has been informative and therapeutic at another level. We put a lot of thought behind how we wanted to name/title this story, given Maya’s passion, her global stint with pottery, and her students all around who never let her forget how amazing she is. And so, we added the element of “Kumhari”(the art of pottery), a word we felt resonated with her carefree, compassionate spirit. For each of you reading this note or watching the story, we want to call out and remind you that 2021 is very challenging for all of us around. We are trying to pace up the slowdown 2020 brought and deal with a lot of physical and mental elements creating an imbalance. This story is meant to comfort you, ask you to not rush too much, and prioritize happiness over other choices which isolate you. Maya is doing the world a lot of good and we hope the essence of her good faith reaches you! May the company of life & vigor always keep you moving! Episode 21 of Zaikaana is called ‘Maya sang Kumhari’. It is now live - please watch it and pick this beautiful, rooted hobby/passion for you and your loved ones. Love, Zaikaana

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