Queen Aleyamma & Appams

"Queen Aleyamma & Appams" is the title for Zaikaana's Story 11. It has a wise granny named Aleyamma who sang about Appams and it became her breakthrough to her dreams. It's also the story of a queen who's extremely proud and confident about her portrayal of womanhood. Above & beyond, this is the story of a man who plays the queen at times and a granny at others, a man who's defined new norms and newer acceptance of self to rule the world as a "drag." Through dramatic shots and metaphors, we wanted to bring to you this spirit and story which is a lot of pain, smiles and wonder. Bow down with us to Alex Mathew as he grooves to his story of making and the sassy portrayal of a wise granny, Aleyamma who's got answers to anything & everything. A Vogue Star & a three time TEDx speaker, this superstar will do another bit in helping you understand more of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, and empthaize some more, and love even more. Alex Mathew aka Maya the Drag Queen: we hope the story strikes all the right chords for 2019 to end on a faith filled note!

Queen Aleyamma's Appams

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