Zaikaana story 14 is about Maaia, a quaint abode of a “home-like-experience” and food that’s locally grown and is blended not just in the dishes but also the lively spirits of the place. Started jointly by two friends, Dalbir & Santosh just 6-7 months back, Maaia is an inspiration when it comes to thoughtful decor and sustainable choices. The place also owes to the two wonderful wives of the two friends when it comes to leading by example. Dalbir’s wife, Navjot is our feature whose dreams quite literally surround around food because she loves cooking. She’s also credited with adding to the enticing menu, her layers of experimented, invented dishes. Santosh’s wife, Shikha has a hospitality sector background and is in-charge of Maaia’s PR & Marketing. Four passionate souls, four different energies, one brilliant work of magic. For a global crisis time like this, when you take to your homes along with the company of your near and dear ones, we really hope this story strikes to be channelizing your inner selves and seeps through the energy to be up on your toes, live by the healthy, compassionate choices and create work of art just through the stories you end up becoming. Happy living, happy recovering. Going greener is the way forward, building together would be an accepting re-start.

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