Ghees of India

There's a way forward and it is not independent of going back to the roots. Of all that we continue to see, feel and live today amidst an awakening and restoration, as narrators for Zaikaana we have always been proud of the stories around us that are living the blend of the past. For a really long time, we have been manifesting visits to a farmland and meet real farmers and their journey of evolution. What obviously threw us off guard was a farmland with a lot of specially bred cows brought from Gujarat and being used for a Vedic style ghee making and not milk. Never in our wildest of dreams would we imagine a story of Ghee being so unique, heart touching and with an inherent touch of living an important legacy. Story 18 for Zaikaana is with Ghees of India, pioneering and preserving a special tradition in close connection with the greens and the lands, by nurturing 150 cows. A farmer, his son and the friend of the son- the trio reminisces their journey of travel across India, the creativity behind a custom designed machine inspired from the hand churning process to make Ghee and laughter & passion behind living this life with a worthy difference. We felt like we have revived, also arrived and if we were to define the experience of meeting the cows, the farmland and the gentlemen, we'd say it felt like freedom. Freedom. Period. We hope the video touches the right strings for you and brings those breezes of old faith & love we continue to seek in the road to recovery from a pandemic!

The Ghees of India

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