Unraveling a secret recipe and a passionate food lover/creator who goes by the name of Gaura’s Secret Recipe, hear us out as we present story 7 for Zaikaana to intrigue your afternoons: Born in MP, Chandiya, this little girl experimented with pickles when she had nothing to do. Coming from a family of extraordinary food lovers, she is the 2nd youngest among 7 sisters and 5 brothers. A Home Science topper who loved trying out new dishes and was married at the age of 18 to be welcomed into another family whop’s equally passionate about food, Gaura found her perfect partner-in-crime in her father-in-law. She tried her hands at parlour work to utilise her free time and would feed free food to customers for feedback on her experiments. MP, Jaisalmer, Indore, Bombay, Bangalore- she travelled across cities and cuisines to finally bring to life her passion towards teaching kids and cooking by setting up her own kitchen by the name of Gaura’s Secret Recipe.Gaura’s kitchens have grown from one to two and she continues to inspire many stories and dreams with the future plans of another premier kitchen, vegan food and delivery in clay pots! She’s amazing, beautiful inside out and won’t let you go without a healthy feeding of some of her amazing food items no matter whether you’re a distant relative or a stranger- trust us you’ll never want to let go of Gaura whenever you meet her! Time to show some love to this story of resilience and undying love for food- “Gaura’s Secret Recipe” is being served hot to you now!

Paneer Kebab

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