CV Hydro

“Did you meet my babies yet?” Well, that’s not how the owner of a greenhouse meets you! Definitely not a farmer, at least the perception of a farmer we carried within. Everybody: this video is groundbreaking on many levels. Before we tell you more about it and let you see it for yourself, here’s announcing the gala arrival of episode 20 for Zaikaana: CV, Hydro & the Passion Pie This army veteran took on a not-so-easy job of nurturing a world keeping in mind all that’s at stake. India, being a land thriving on agriculture, we wouldn’t expect a projected shortage of the base of agriculture itself, being our lands. While this news took us by surprise, we were in for more with this story as the veteran took us further into a different world of Hydroponics farming. His passion for helping real farmers grow and educating the next-gen changemakers who understand what we are dealing with and have taken it upon themselves to be the favorite agents of the environment. This story talks about CV’s journey of what soilless farming is, why is it important and especially crucial now that we have some context around the shrinking agricultural land capacity, and what drove him to spend over 20 years practicing & educating Hydroponics. We meet him to hear from his students, take a live tour of his green palace and have him share his journey of smiles, sunshine, resilience, and of course laughter. CV and his infectious laughter make you feel like you want to live for the world again and to be blessed with the magic of plants and hydroponics where you grow without straining our environment and help heal this planet. Vishwa Prakash & his inspiring stint with the magical Hydroponics farming! We are elated that we found him in 2020 and we are just grateful to have known him. Enjoy watching the story for you to discover and rediscover your love for all things green! Green is fresh, green shows you care, and green lets you never give up!

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