We have a special something for you with Story 15 for Zaikaana. Newer ways, different people, lots of careful conversations but the same passion to employ artisans losing jobs in the times of corona. Mayura and her brainchild Craftizens breathes life in these times with women employed at mask making. Not only are these ladies’ well equipped about the whole process, they are also super confident about the why and how of the needs for masks today. This and the special connection with food that probably seems a far fetched dream for few, the team’s ensuring the success story getting built by taking care of the people around. These are big hearts and their warm intent got us to be on the roads and join them in the journey of reassurance. As we navigate through today, we will treasure these stories tomorrow, on the other and the better side side. We hope this resonates with your belief and leaves you with a call to action: We got to work through each of our stories. May you stay safe and trust the magic of people around who won’t give up.

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