The Chaimaami

The disclaimer first, this video manifested itself over a period of 1.5 years. YES, that's the longest chase we have managed so far. The video features a free-spirited woman who goes to the jungle and takes down the bee hives to collect raw, wild honey and comes back to ready the jars with not just honey but also positive energy which she infuses with meditation. THE woman we are talking about has been a wonder story to us ever since our first meet at the Soul Sante, Bengaluru, where after a big accident, she was still smiling with her tent and a varied collection of Chai which got us to ask how did she get them. Mysterious & intriguing that she is, we only got to hear that she randomly went to the mountains and spent time at Chai Baghans, fell in love with the tea leaves and created her own label/collection of the leaves which were all organically infused. She is famously known as the Chai Maami and the whole intent of doing this video is to let you see this other picture of passion and dedication for honey & chai, both of which we consider to be our morning buddies. We might stop at 'what more can be done with this?' The Chaimaami answers just that, and how. If only we could have you experience the vibe while shooting this episode with her: there's a feeling of being in a space where all's well and at peace. We tried creating that environment for you to the best of our capacity & we hope you take back an inspiration to stay at ease and trust in the timing of things & lives around you!

The Chaimaami and her Honey Hunt

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