Captain Raj Sharma

Nov. 2019: A very special visit to Goa! A two- hour long roadblock couldn’t prevent meeting with this powerful, compassionate Defense personal, his partner-in-crime and their 12-year old pet, Ricky. We left with the stories of the Navy, the couple’s living away from each other for the stint with submarines and together in each other’s banter-filled company inside the kitchen. It’s been a long wait of over 8 months, keeping intact those stories of vigor, resilience and life! As the Captain retires to await another set of innings, we have been extremely fortunate to have gotten a chance and bring his story to life. There’s drama, passion, laughter, strength and every dull moment compensated with a zest to live more- therefore, it’s super difficult for us to categorize this particular story into one genre. We are serving Episode 19 for Zaikaana before you today, relishing sweet memories ranging from the Kargil War to the many engagements with the Aircrafts for this feature. There’s the companionship rising high like his true knight and this beautiful family who knows only to love, give, care and some more. We believe in 2020 as a year where we will peace for peace and not fight for peace- this story keeps that faith alive and the reasons around. Happy living!

Captain Sharma

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