Alakshyendra Pratap Tiwari (aka Aloo)

Alakshyendra is a marketing and sales professional with an interest in instant cooking. He believes he’s someone who can make your kids eat veggies. Love him already? Brought up in a household with 7 sisters, Alakshyendra believes they along with his mother taught him the value of honesty, respect and the art of shopping with women. He’s 29 years old and hails from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Having met his wife during his MBA down south in Bangalore, he is super proud of the fact that she belongs to one of the most beautiful parts of India, Uttarakhand which makes their holidays cooler and more fun.

On regular days, Alakshyendra would like to believe he’s into fitness but as soon as you bring melting cheese before him, his belief just.... fades..... away............

Say hello to our first Zaikaana feature, Alakshyendra Pratap Tiwari and his Instant Wrap!
He’d love to hear from you on how much you liked his instant smart cooking. Please do not shy away from getting in touch!
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Instant Wrap (Recipe & Ingredients):

You will need:
1. Hunger to think out of the box
2. Raat ki roti (the leftover chapatis you couldn’t finish last night)
3. A packet of Maggi
4. Capsicum
5. Bell peppers - yellow or red
6. Mozzarella cheese
7. Melted cheese (Didn’t we say our feature melts with just the idea of cheese?)
8. Mayonnaise
9. Butter (He just wouldn’t stop at cheese, you know)
10. Toothpick (No, not for your teeth, LOL)
11. Ketchup
12. Oregano and chilli flakes
13. Maggi Masala
14. Onions
15. Any old cooked vegetable laying in your fridge (in our case we had Panner bhurji and Cauliflower vegetable)
Alakshyendra's instant wrap

Finely chop all your veggies (onion, capsicum and bell peppers), heat the pan and put a little butter. You can take any raw veggies which can be cooked easily. Saute the veggies a little and add a little masala. The trick is not to overdo the masala as you are already adding cooked vegetables. Add cooked veggies into the fresh sauted veggies and stir nicely. Use your paav bhaji crusher to properly mix the masalas and add salt and masalas to taste.

Alongside, start cooking Maggi and make sure it has less water. Once ti is cooked and the masala is ready, apply mayo on the roti and put a little masala in the middle. Place some strands of Maggi and a lot of cheese(Alakshyendra’s literally screaming ‘LOT’ here)

Seal the wrap from the bottom and the sides to ensure that the masala doesn’t get out. Again, do NOT overdo the masala (spices). You can use toothpicks to seal the wrap. Cook until the chapati is crisper and serve with chutney/sauce/remaining Maggi/soft drink etc..

You can use anything for this: just add fresh veggies+cooked veggies+any other fresh ingredient(Paneer slice, Maggi, quinoa, poha, spaghetti or upma) + cheese and enjoy.

Happy instant eating! ☺

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