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“Not too long ago, two engineers met through a common friend and just kept getting surprised about their unconditional love for food, story and travel among the other little & big things they had in common. One was a chemical engineer who was just really happy to meet the other computer science engineer who loved words and narrations and people. Vice-a-versa, the computer science engineer figured out that there’s much more than chemical engineering in this soul, like deep eyes and maybe the art of capturing emotions. They met once, and never stopped meeting thereafter. Four months and a few lived memories later, one night while returning from a bike trip somewhere around Bangalore, Zaikaana happened to them. They sat down at 3 AM to chalk out a plan on bringing the spirit of Zaikaana to life and by the next day, they had the name and a lot of further intent sorted. April 30, 2019 saw Zaikaana publish its first video and the stories kept pouring in!”

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Zaikaana Alakshyendra

Asambhava Shubha

  • Age: 25 years
  • Profession: Communication & Media Consultant
  • Degree: BTech, KIIT Bhubaneswar
  • Native: Bihar
  • Interests: Yoga, Public Speaking, Blogging
  • Passion: Zaikaana
  • Future Goals: Make a woodhouse, teach kids
Zaikaana Suraj Balaji

Nishant Gupta

  • Age: 28 years
  • Profession: Software Developer
  • Degree: BTech - MTech, IIT Kanpur
  • Native: Bihar
  • Interests: Sports, Photography, Cooking
  • Passion: Zaikaana
  • Future Goals: Teach sports, help Asambhava with the woodhouse

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